December 10, 2014

Glambox's All Natural Faceshop Beauty Kit

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I already like Faceshop but what hooked me into its first Glambox kit is because it's all natural.

The use of aloe, sunflower, white seed, pomegranate and mixed berries in Faceshop's products sounds very promising and indeed it did not disappoint.

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December 4, 2014

Ripe Market Zabeel Park Visit

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The day we went to visit RIPE Market in its new home in Zabeel Park was the same day of Burjuman Center's Pink Walkathon. It is our first time to visit RIPE market and we were told it was extra crowded that day because of the event earlier.

We arrived at half past twelve and we only had an hour to spare. It was easy to be overwhelmed because there were so many things going on around, there were lots of activities for the kids like arts and craft, petting zoo and I also noticed a group of kids learning to use their hula hoops on the other side. There were lots of interesting things to see for adults apart from the sprawling food stalls, there were candles and flowers for sale, handmade crafts, clothing, and organic produce by RIPE itself.

We followed our instincts and looked for lunch because we were starving, didn't had breakfast before leaving the house. The smell of roasting meat pulled us to the not very far away Saladicious stand where they are roasting some mouth watering chunks of beef briskets, sausages, corn-on-a-cob and burger patties. The aroma wafting from the grilled offerings was all over the place. 
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I think I waited in line for half an hour but I tell you it was worth the wait. While I was at the queue, my kids and husband looked around to get us a place to sit.

I ordered Angus beef burger with crispy sweet potato on the side, slow roasted beef and sausage cutlets and a corn-on-a-cob but unfortunately they run-out of corn so they replaced it with some salad called salad temptation, also a very good accompaniment for our meats.

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We savor every bite and had a lots of fun with the kids who also love #selfies. We are just so happy to be outside, to feel the warmth of the sun and cool breeze. We always have sun in this side of the globe 365 days a year but marry it with the almost winter breeze around October it's glorious.

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November 25, 2014

Al Maeda: Levantine and North African Cuisine

Finding a parking space in The Walk JBR sucks big time and the twenty dirham per hour in the paid mall parking is hefty while the chic hotel valet serves guest only. Surprisingly Al Maeda Arabic Restaurant and DoubleTree by Hilton The Walk has a complimentary self parking with ample spaces. Having said this, please note that Al Maeda offers its guest a valet service as well.

Arriving at the venue, lovely and smiling ladies and gents greeted us and ushered to the terrace where we met the Food and Beverage Manager Angelikos who talk us through the property. Al Maeda and DoubleTree by Hilton is already at a premiere location. Al Maeda terrace is overlooking a breathtaking seaview and in front of it will soon rise the Dubai Eye, something like the London Eye but tree times larger than that, can you imagine?

Al Maeda or "the dining table" presents a pairing concept of Arabic cuisine, Levant and North African to be exact. The menu consist of variety of carefully selected special Arabic dishes from across the Arab world. Traditional Arabic dishes from cold mezze to main course and desserts are serve in this stylish restaurant.

The restaurant includes a full service bar, an open kitchen, a private dining area for families or large group and an outdoor terrace where guests can enjoy the breathtaking sea view, shisha is available.

I must say the star of the night was the harira soup and the lamb tagine. The soup was warm, light, and homey. You know that feeling that you reminisce when you drink this soup, that is precious. If you have seen the cartoon film ratatouille when France top food critic Anton Ego tasted his ratatouille cooked by Remy, that kind of feeling. (yes you can Google that). It simply brings back good old childhood memories.

On the other hand, the tagine lamb dish was sweet and savory with the meat so tender and flavorful. I like how Moroccan dishes uses fruits in their dishes to balance the flavor and the use of spices such as cinnamon for that extra aroma. If it was me, I would have it serve with the lid on and then the waiter removes it in front of you to add some drama. (ang arte :D)

We also had grilled halloumi and the cheese lover in me was jumping for joy and smiling from ear to ear.

mix grill (lamb chops, shish tawouk and kebab lahabi)

This Mediterranean Prawn which is a pan fried prawn with artichoke ragout lemon coriander sauce in a bed of dill rice is also a winner, anything prawn bring it on.

Desserts came nice and warn on our table and well presented, it would have been flawless if a warm and goouey cheese kunafe was serve in the very same plate, there on that space, yeah there! :D. The pretty mint tea cup isn't suppose to be there, I just used it for photography purposes.

All savored of course in the company of wonderful people I met at the event from BBC Good Food and Gulf News TV.

DoubleTree by Hilton has a service culture built around the idea of CARE, which stands for 'Create A Rewarding Experience "where the ‘little things mean everything" quoting General Manager Hassan El Wahidi

Al Maeda has an open kitchen concept headed by Chef Maher Akwan himself, who specialized in Arabic food. Chef Akwan commented “We want them to see what is being cooked, how it is prepared and then brought to their dining table which is an experience similar to what they have at home.”

with Chef Maher Akwan
Al Maeda is open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday 12:30 pm to 11:30 pm

Al Maeda 

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November 20, 2014

An Old Christmas Wish


Back in 2009 around ten days before Christmas I created a wish list and posted it here on the blog, wish one and two, three and four. I intended to have ten but I only had four,  the ones that I really wanted and care about. That was the last wish list I made ever since.

It is this time of the year again and we are down to thirty five days before Christmas. Looking back to those wishes I made, I realized that all of them had already came true. All happened on different occasion and timing but everything was given, all my wish came true.

This year I only have one wish and in my heart it is what I desire the most. I will keep the faith and pray for it to happen real soon. Sorry if I am not able to share it with you because it is too personal.

In the mean time to add a little Christmas cheer in this space I am sharing with you the time lapse video of me and the family putting up the Christmas tree at home. Although it was cut short because my phone died on me, I still love it.

Prince once again put the star, Mica was fighting to do it this year since Prince did it in to two consecutive years already but being the loving and understanding sister that she is, she let her little brother do it again for the third time.

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November 16, 2014

Tresind Modernist Indian Fine Dining

Tresind is the newest addition to the ever growing Dubai dining scene. What makes it unique is the use of molecular gastronomy in cooking and preparing delicious classic Indian specialties, not to mention sleek ambiance and excellent service.

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November 2, 2014

Shayan Persian Restaurant Press and Bloggers Dinner Party

The last time I dine at Shayan Persian Restaurant was to meet and greet a Professional Travel/Photography Blogger Laurence Norah. Only during my second visit for a Press and Bloggers dinner party hosted by Shayan I get to explore and adore the beauty of the rest of the restaurant, talk about ample seating with private nooks, elegant interiors, traditional music from a Santoor player and of course once again the taste of good authentic Persian food with some new addition.

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November 1, 2014

Zuri Asian Fusion Restaurant


I am afraid my photos may not be able to give enough justice to exactly how beautiful each food creation was at Zuri Asian Restaurant at Auris Plaza Hotel Al Barsha Dubai hence I inserted this video but as usual I also took tons of pictures.

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October 27, 2014

Chimes of our Lives, Crab Fest 2014

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Last week my friends and I headed to Chimes Dubai - one of Al Barsha's casual Far Eastern restaurant that caters delectable street food of the Eastern Pacific rim including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

October is the beginning of the crab fishing season around the world and Chimes Dubai Crab Fest 2014 is still on offering six crab dishes, perfectly marinated crabs smothered with your favorite sauce served with steamed rice or Mantau buns for only 99 Dirhams. Each crab weighs about 500 grams and is good for 2 people.

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