May 4, 2016

WIN 2 VIP Tickets to the Arabian Bubble Celebration in Dubai

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For the first time in Dubai, 18-time Guinness record holder and Broadway specialist Melody Yang and Deni Yang will be performing at the World Trade Center from 19th to the 21st of  May for the spectacular Arabian Bubble Celebration - an event for the entire family to see and enjoy. One could certainly look forward to 12 shows with performances featuring laser and 3D effects in a 70-minute show guaranteed to leave every member of the audience in awe.

I am very excited to announce that My Yellow Bells has teamed up with Yardstick Marketing and Arabian Bubble Celebration to give not 1 but 3 lucky winners, each of the winner can take their best buddy to watch the show.

Instagram contest duration:
From May 4, 2016 to May 7, 2016
From May 8, 2016 to May 11, 2016
From May 12, 2016 to May 15, 2016

1 winner will be announced at the end of each competition duration at my IG account @myyellowbells and on this blog post

To join, all you have to do is

1. Follow @ABCinDubai and @myyellowbells on Instagram

2. Answer this question and write your answer as a comment on my Instagram post.
    Q: Name the artists who will be featured at the Arabian Bubble Show?
    Note: A new question will be asked each duration

3. Tag a friend you would like to see this spectacular show with.

4. Repost the competition for more chances of winning and use the following hashtags #ABCinDubai
#bubblecelebration #ABCD #Dubaievent #MyDubai

Terms and Conditions:
- Must do all 4 steps to qualify
- Open to UAE Residents only
- Instagram account must be public to be eligible
- Tickets are not convertible to cash
- Timings and dates stated on the ticket cannot be changed
- Seat assignments stated on the ticket cannot be changed
- Winners will be chosen at random from valid entries
- Winners must collect their tickets from me and must present a valid ID and pm me your number if you are the winner to contact you

Best of luck to all! 
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April 26, 2016

Review: Eyefi Mobi PRO - 32GB+Wifi

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I own a 16 GB smartphone and I don't have plans yet in upgrading it. I am saving up for our vacation to the Philippines this July so I am reserving the idea of buying a new phone for next year. I love my phone and I love taking pictures with it, I don't think I'll ever need to buy a DSLR camera (maybe in the future) but yeah I only want a compact camera with a DSLR capabilities. I had a DSLR camera before but it was too bulky and I can't stand taking it to events I attend every time.

I take lots of photos, I guess we all do, (it's quite addictive right) so my phone storage gets full very quickly. A big chunk of my phone storage goes to the images and it always happen that I ran out of storage while out and about so I have no option but to delete some of the photos which I haven't downloaded yet to my computer and that's kind of frustrating most of the time.

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April 25, 2016

Fly A Boeing 737 with iPilot Dubai

I've only been to the airplane's passenger cabin few many times but never in the cockpit.

Although I've seen it in movies and in many occasions on TV, I am always curious about (and probably you are as well) how it feels like to sit with the pilot flying the plane or how it feels like to be a pilot yourself and fly a commercial aircraft.

My curiosity was put to rest and my dream of seeing an airplane's cockpit in real life came true when iPilot, a world leader in flight simulator experience with locations in London, Munich, Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Prague, Dubai, Basel, and Zurich, invited us to experience and fulfilled our dream of flying an airplane - a Boeing 737.

It wasn't the real one though, but the one that aeronautics students used to train and prepare for their exams with. It gives you the same flight experience, only this time you are the captain.

iPilot is located at the 2nd level of Dubai Mall opposite Sega Republic. It is a small shop with deep red and white interiors. The first part of the store is the reception, merchandise display and a flight simulator machine used by trained pilots. The second part is the closed cockpit with two rows of passenger seats behind it where we had our first flight simulator experience.

We were booked for a two hour simulator experience for four people. The cockpit was free when we arrived so we get to start immediately.

Mica was the first to go. Jeetu, iPilot's first officer showed my daughter everything she needs to know to fly the aircraft and she listens carefully. Mica took off from Dubai and flew over Dubai overlooking famous landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis, The World and The Palm Islands to name a few and landed back to Dubai International Airport

Prince flew and landed the plane to Dubai, he was still too small to see the view from the windshield above and reached the pedals below that control the plane's direction while on the ground but nonetheless, he was happy to touch the control wheel, throttle and flap.

When it was Ferald's turn, I requested Jeetu to give him a challenging flying experience. So he added some turbulence, rain and thunderstorm. Ferald hates flying because he get nauseous and I told him to please try not to throw up this time (pun intended of course). We laughed and he said that this is completely different because this time he is in the front seat and he wouldn't feel as much movement compared when he is sitting in the economy seat behind.

Jeetu gave Ferald a rundown of all the controls and they took off from Dubai and landed in Hong Kong Kai Tak airport, the one that's between the city and the mountains. Ferald said it was very challenging and the plane wasn't easy to maneuver but he was so thrilled of the experience.

I on the other hand took off from where Ferald landed and landed at St. Maarten airport, few meters away from Maho Beach. Hong Kong and St. Maarten airports are two of the most favorites among the 24,000 airports in the iPilot system.

Before my flight, Jeetu explained to me the use of all the levers (throttle, flap, landing gear) buttons (autopilot control), pedal and switches in front of us and I listened carefully (note: each of us got a one on one training and I must say he must be a very patient man).

I tried to comprehend as much as I could but for a first timer like me, it was not easy to remember all the uses of each switches and what's on the screens all at once. Am I nervous? Very much! I am scared that I will not to be able to manipulate the aircraft quite right but Jeetu would show me how and fly the plane with me.

We landed safely at St. Maarten airport and I didn't crash the plane, thank goodness and thanks again that I have a co-pilot that knows what he is doing. This is just a flying simulator and yet everything seems so real.

Imagine, pilots learn and train for years and years. No pilot can fly an aircraft before knowing all the antics and in this profession, as they say, there is no room for errors. So next time when I/you fly and get to your destination and landed safely, thank God and thank your captain and the crew

It was a total immersion experience for my family and an experience we will never forget and just maybe, can be used by my kids in the future.

I had a short conversation with the iPilot store manager and he mentioned iPilot was looking to introduce the service to schools here in Dubai which I honestly think is a good thing to do. Students in higher levels can have the chance to try the flight simulator and who knows it could give them an idea of what they'd like to do in the future.

iPilot Flight Simulator Experiences starts at 349 AED for 15-minute flight.
Packages and Gift cards are available at iPilot eshop.

iPilot Dubai Mall - 056 738 7444
For more information visit their website at

We were invited to experience iPilot Flight Simulator but all opinions and photos in this blog post are my own.
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April 13, 2016

A Family Day at Centro Sharjah


Centro Sharjah is a modern and stylish yet affordable business hotel in Sharjah. Located adjacent to Sharjah International Airport and just 15 minutes away from Sharjah business district, it is a great hotel choice for Sharjah bound business travelers and tourists. But Centro, despite being a business hotel is also a favorite among locals and residents who wants to have some well deserve R and R. Those who wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without having to travel far can rest and relax at this hotel. Although close to the airport, you wouldn't feel it at all as it is secluded by tall trees and lush greenery, has a big pool, beautiful rooms and the all day dining restaurant serves good food. In short, it is a good place to relax for families or couples wanting to have quality time.

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March 30, 2016

Delightful Brunch at Dusty's

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Some people are very successful in turning their passion into business and one of them is Dusty Tourani - owner of Dusty's - a home-grown restaurant and wine bar located at Al Fattan Currency House in DIFC and one of the new dining places that's making a buzz in Dubai's food scene. As a globetrotter himself and lover of food, Dusty's menu is a collection of dishes from the finest of cuisines from around the world.

I took the family on a Friday invitational brunch to try them out. As we entered the restaurant, my eyes was searching for the huge contemporary murals designed by reknowned Palestinian artist Jeffar Khaldi, but I found none. In the first place, it was the artworks that lured me into coming to Dusty's. Instead, we were welcomed by a lovely host in a black dress, acknowledging me by my first name and walking us to our table in the sprawling terrace with a capacity of 80 guests. I learned later on that the restaurant and wine bar was at the opposite side with a different entrance.

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March 22, 2016

Confusion Over Mother's Day + A Mother's Day Treat at Al Nafoorah

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I’m probably the saddest mom yesterday since no one from my kids nor did the husband greeted me for mother’s day. As a mom, I expect my own to be the first to greet me on that special day. I didn't know exactly what happened because they were never like that, they were always the first to greet me in any event, and that made me wonder.

Last night, in the kitchen while my daughter was washing the dishes, she asked me what am I cooking for dinner and I soberly replied "meaty spaghetti" and followed it with a smile saying "because it's mother’s day today and I'm celebrating".

My daughter gave me a confused look and said "Is it mother's day today? Isn't it on May 8?" Which is true and she's right. In the Philippines, our home country, Mother's Day is celebrated every second Sunday of May which will fall on May 8 this year.

In the UAE though, mother's day is celebrated every 21st of March.

After realizing that her mom was hurt and her, feeling embarrassed for forgetting, she gave me a big fat hug and a big kiss and greeted me to make up for it.

It was not really a big deal; it was just me teasing them. I didn't greet my mom either because like my daughter, my mom is in the Philippines; in case I greet her, she will probably get confused as well.

Anyhow, to all the mothers in UAE who are celebrating and deserve a lovely greeting, let me greet you all a Happy Mother's Day.

How did you celebrate your mom yesterday? Or haven't you?

If you are on a hunt for a place to date your mom/wife anytime soon, listen up.

Al Nafoorah at Emirates Towers has something special.

Last week, Q Communications invited me and a few more mommies for a special Mother's Day lunch at Al Nafoorah in Emirates Towers. They served up a four course menu featuring the best of the Lebanese cuisine.

Al Nafoorah’s special Mother’s Day menu will be available from March 21st (UAE Mother's Day) for lunch and dinner. Priced at AED 120 per person (excluding beverages), mom’s meal is on the house when dining with three or more guests. The menu will also be available for the remainder of the week through to March 27th for both lunch and dinner.

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March 17, 2016

Coffee Morning with UAE Mom Bloggers + A Family Photoshoot with Picture People

This is my favorite photo among the five photos Picture People gave us

and this is my second favorite, as Picture people said on their comment on Instagram when I posted it, "two peas in a pod", yes they are! They are a mixed of me and my husband's features and it was greatly captured here.

and third, this is Ferald's favorite, now both our iPhone's screen saver

and fourth, this one is for our wall

and fifth. Actually, I love them all. It was really hard to choose.

There were probably more than 20 shots taken, all of them captured beautifully, during our complimentary 20-minute photo session with photographer Erika of Picture People. There were so many beautiful photos but those five are the ones we really liked the most.

Here we are with our photographer at the viewing station checking our pictures, that one on the screen, I like that too. Special thanks to Mommy Abi for capturing this one.

This was our first professional family photoshoot and I said I'd like to keep it classic. The night before, we all agreed to wear white which came out really nice in our pictures.

Erika, our photographer was very professional and yet fun to work with. I'm glad that my kids were both in good mood that morning and were both having fun too during the shoot.

It was a great experience for us and we are happy to work with them and will definitely recommend to friends. They were all very professional and at the same time warm and patient especially with small kids.

The studio, located at Al Wasl Vita is very inviting.

The interior is minimalist with clean white walls, wooden floors and glass facade. There is a play area for the kids and a comfortable lounge.

There are three studios and four viewing stations. The walls were adorned with samples of their work, all looking fantastic.

This photo session with Picture People is part of UAE Mom Bloggers coffee morning which wouldn't be possible without the organizers behind it, Tarana of Sand In My Toes and Abigail of Cuddles and Crumbs. Thank you for bringing us all moms together and our families and giving us an opportunity to meet each other in a wonderful event like this. It was lovely to meet all of you.

UAE Mom Bloggers: Standing: Zeyna, Carla, Tarana, Mariam, and Abigail 
Kneeling: Meg and Sheila
Sitting: Amrita, Sandy, Abbey, Claire, and Laura

For more information about Picture People UAE:
Instagram: @picturepeopleuae
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March 15, 2016

Soothe Away Aches and Pains at The Orchid Palace Wellness Spa

Thailand's The Orchid Palace Wellness Spa opened its doors in Dubai at Yassat Gloria Hotel Apartments last month. Located on the 8th floor of the hotel, Orchid Palace Wellness Spa boasts 17 treatment rooms for male and female with 4 rooms specialized for couples, a Hammam, and steam and sauna facilities. The spa also features a reception relaxation area decked with earthly tones representing authentic Thai aesthetics.

My friend and I received a complimentary 60-minute signature "Orchids Aroma Bliss" massage voucher during the opening night. We booked it the following week on a Thursday evening after a very tiring work week.

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