Friday, July 25, 2014

Thailand Toursim Iftar Dinner at Kris Kin Restaurant With A View

This was our breathtaking panoramic view from Kris Kin With A View Restaurant at Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Karama Dubai during the Middle East Travel Professionals and Media Iftar dinner hosted and organized by the Tourism of Thailand (Dubai and Middle East) in cooperation with the Royal Thai Consulate General - Thailand Trade Center Dubai and Thai Airways.

Kris Kin Restaurant With A View serves irresistible Pan Asian specialties. Taste and experience the combination of greatest culinary traditions from Thailand, China, Japan, Malaysia, India and Arabia.

The invite was extended to me and to my husband by my friend Ms. Noor Abbas of Al Sada Magazine. I also get to meet Aviareps Account Manager Mr. Ian Borromeo and Assistant Marketing and Communications Manager of Park Regis Hotel Ms. Lynn Barrios

l-r Carla, Noor, Ian, Lynn
Mr. Chalermsak Suranant, Director, Tourism Authority of Thailand said: "Ramadan is the season of love and giving and this gathering is our way to say thank you to all our partners in the industry for all the overwhelming support that they have given to Thailand all these years and I hope they will continue to do the same as we continue to strive hard and make Thailand the number one destination in this region by creating and offering different packages that are tailor-made for all clients in the region."

Mr. Suranant also said that they are happy to announce that Thailand's tourism is back in full swing in destinations throughout the kingdom with all tourism-related businesses and services resuming normal operations following the lifting of the nationwide curfew as of last month (June 2014).

Hubby and I were seated in a table for two with some dates and water waiting for us, the traditional way to break the fast is to have 3 pieces of dates with water or milk.

Moving on with starters, I lined up to fill my plate with my favorite salads, smoked fish and salmon, and cold mezze.

This was where we were seated and it is exactly the same table and view on the first photo in this article. OMG, it is truly breathtaking and zooo romantic. If you are on a first date, will go for a marriage proposal or even trying to win a contract from a client this I tell you is one of the most exquisite and romantic space you can ever do it, impressed that special someone or your clients.

Back to the main event, the food :D, Ferald opted to get on with the main dishes and leave me to enjoy the starters. There was sweet and sour seafood, meatballs, lamb dishes, curries - paneer and vegetables, fried chicken wings, beef in oyster sauce and so much more.

We savoured our dinner while we delight ourselves with the beautiful Dubai skyline that is slowly soaking in dusk and twinkling lights of the city.

When we are ready for dessert , kunafa - my favorite arabic sweet, an irresistible dessert specially serve during Ramadan and Eid Holidays was on the dessert spread. Kunafa is a Levantine cheese pastry soaked in sugar based syrup sometime filled with cheese and sometimes filled with cream. I had two squares for myself paired it with slices of fruit, meringue and cream piped in a chocolate shell.

Tourism of Thailand (TAT) knows how to entertain their guest and choosing Kris Kin Restaurant With A View is genius, combined Arabian opulence and Thailand hospitality in this event, winner. I'm sure that all their guest including us of course appreciate the sincerity of this thanksgiving iftar party and what a better way to promote Amazing Thailand

Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St. (Opp BurJuman Center)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cheap Eats in Dubai: Shawarma

Shawarma in Dubai cost between 3-5 AED or 1-1.5 USD per sandwich. One is enough to fill you or two if with a bigger appetite. Usually shawarma are sold at cafeterias you can find around the city. You can also have shawarma in restaurants but if you want an authentic experience I bet you will enjoy it most street style, the way it should be. It is dubbed as the city's best snack. One can never really call oneself a true blue Dubai resident if you haven't eaten shawarma coz it is a staple food over here. If you're a tourist, then it is a must try.

Shawarma stalls in Dubai opens at night only except of course those in the mall or the restaurants. Shawarma comes with slowly roasted beef or chicken, with some lettuce or cabbage and parsley, then drizzled with tahina sauce before it is wrapped in pita bread (kubus) or with flat bread. I like mine wrapped in flatbread persian style just like what you see in this picture.

After wrapping it in flat bread, it is placed in a hot pan then topped with a heavy Terra-cotta cover or hot plate. Some olive oil are also added on the pan and on top of your shawarma to toast it for that extra crunch

Marinated chicken or beef meat is skewered and stacked in a long rotating metal rod, placed vertically next to a very hot grill and roasted slowly. The perfectly roasted part is sliced thinly using a long serrated shawarma knife which then falls in a round tray under the stacked of meat. Once the shawarma is ready, it is wrapped in onion paper then serve.


We love our shawarma serve with lots of pickled green chilis, sometimes with french fries too.

Writing this post makes me crave for some shawarma. You know that you have lived long enough in the UAE if you have been craving for its tradition street food, the shawarma.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Banana Split Sandwich

Midnight snacking is not our thing but last night the husband and I came home late due to some important errands. The kids are still up and about waiting for us.

My daughter got hungry and ask me for some snacks. I was also feeling a little hungry myself since we had shawarma for iftar which was around 7:15pm

I saw this very easy banana split sandwich recipe from a cooking show on tv and I have just the right ingredients available at home. It is quick, easy, healthy  and super delish.

You have to try this, I swear you'll forget your name on the first bite :D I was surprised that hubby and the kids love it, will definitely make another batch of this next time.

Ok, so here's what you need

2 ripe bananas
4 slice brown bread
2 knobs of butter
3 tsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
1/4 tsp vanilla

Put your pan on the stove, apply low heat.Add two knobs of butter and allow to melt. Add brown sugar, cinnamon powder and vanilla. Peel the bananas, cut in half and place on the butter-sugar mixture. Cook the bananas and let it caramelize a little. Lay two brown bread on a plate and divide bananas evenly on each bread, drizzle remaining butter-sugar on top.

Cover with the second slice of bread, press, toast, slice, serve, and dig in.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Al Souk - Sharjah

Yesterday's lunch was grilled king white salmon we got fresh from Sharjah fish market. Every time we go there to buy fresh fish and seafood, there is this magnificent structure on our way that is inevitable not to be notice at all. It is Al Souk or the Gold Souk which is one of Sharjah's pride and beautiful buildings.

If you wonder what's inside this humongous awe-inspiring twin building, let me tell you.

One is the gold souk where you can shop and haggle for some pretty intricately designed jewelry pieces all hanging and loosely displayed glistening by the glass window of each shop. The other building is a trading market for electronics, clothes, souvenirs, and a lot more. In case you feel hungry while shopping, there are small food stalls/cafeteria inside to sit and eat while you contemplate whether which necklace or earring to buy.

In Dubai even the tunnels are pretty too!

One more week of fasting and Ramadan will be over and you must be planning for your Eid holidays by now. It is also one week left before everything gets back to normal and when I say normal it includes working hours and the dreadful traffic we battle everyday to and from our workplaces in Dubai.

One day of getting stuck and board in traffic for two hours, maybe almost 30 minutes only at the Dubai Airport Tunnel helps me find something to while a way the time.