Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 Ways to Win a Man's Heart

Updated: 14/3/2013

It seems that my previous post (binned) did not generate much reading attention, I realized that nobody wants to break a man's heart unless the girlfriend or wife caught his man cheating and that the only way to get her revenge is to break his heart. I wrote a post where I listed  “8 Ways to Break Man’s Heart.” 
I am not playing doctor love here, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and as a pre-Valentine post, here are 5 simple ways to win your/a man’s heart. In order to do this you must posses characters that men love about women like being understanding, kind, thoughtful and sense of humor. Men are also impressed with women who can whip up a dish, atlethic, adventurous and fun.
For you to win his heart you may follow my list, it works for me, I know we are all different but when it come to this list I think we are all the same. Of course there are a lot more ways to win a man's heart but I feel that these will work wonders in your relationship.

1. Become a friend and be a good listener - men don't talk much but when they do, listen. Even already married, keep that friendship for you know that your husband is also your best buddy.

2. No one wants a boring partner, talk and make sense with a little bit of humor
3. It is always true that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Learn to cook even at least his favorite dish, when a hearty meal is serve, a man has the appetite not only for food but for a good conversation.
4. Men enjoy good sex. Experiment with him in the bedroom. What I observed among failed relationship or marriages is when sex life gets boring that men try to find someone else who can give him what he wants so don't do it all the same, try some other positions or ways of love making. Be playful and use your imagination.

5. Keep a clean house. Men are always looking for a woman who can clean, cook and look beautiful all the time. Keep everything tidy and never leave dirty dishes or dirty laundry lying around. We are not maids but we are women made in heaven that is ready to serve the man we love.


  1. True, those 5 points you mentioned can send a man to his knees with a ring in his hand. But I like #3 and #4 the most. : D

  2. HMMNNN, ask nyo na lang Michel my french mari, sus, tyak sabihin sa inyo, yun lang?

    Dami niya kasi pinagdaanan, sa akin, lol!

    ang alam ko dyan if a lady is feminine, long hair and walk and talk decently, maattract na ang mga men, then good character of course follows.

  3. wow te carla astig ng blogsite mo ah!!! nice blogs and pics...


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